Posted by: Elizabeth Rose | October 15, 2012

Announcing new blog, “Yo Miz” (

Hi Dreamers…

I need to bring you up to date.  I’ve started a new blog, as you can see, to support my new book about my experience teaching at 25 Manhattan high schools last year.  That’s right: 25 in one year!

Meanwhile, as to the dream:  Living it:).  I’m spending much of my time in the little house in the Catskills, have bought a beautiful American Quarter Horse named Sophie  and am writing my book.

My one woman musical comedy “Relative Pitch”* was produced last Feb Off Broadway at The Cherry Lane Theatre in their Mentor Project and …I’m writing what I hope will be a very entertaining book, also called “Yo Miz.”

It’s really a beautiful thang when you get to realize your dreams.  Yes, I have more dreams but they are built on the one I’m already living.  Wanna know what they are?

Yo Miz (the blog) takes off…thousands sign up to follow…great discussions ensue

Yo Miz (the book) gets published and becomes a best seller

We make a movie about the story

I become The Daily Show’s Senior Senior Correspondent

Sophie, my horse, succeeds in training me

I write more songs, make more music videos, keep playing and stay open to new opportunities.

Most of all, I hope all this seemingly self centered drivel propels my  readers to take the next step toward living your dreams.  I live to serve.

Please go to “Yo Miz” (the blog) sign up to “follow via email” …tell yer friends and I’ll keep you posted.


*aka “If U Want Me, U Can Have Me, Right Now!!”


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