Posted by: Elizabeth Rose | May 3, 2010

Realizing Your Dreams 101* Hint: It’s an Inside Job

Groove on this….

“Faith, absolute dogmatic faith, is the only law of success.  When we recognize the fact that [a person] carries his success or his failure with him, and that it does not depend upon outside conditions, we will come into the possession of powers that will quickly change outside conditions in to agencies that make for success.  When we come into this higher realization and bring our lives into complete harmony with the higher laws, we will then be able so to focus and direct the awakened interior forces, that they will go out and return laden with that for which they are sent.  We will then be great enough to attract success, and it will not always be apparently just a little ways ahead.  We can then establish in ourselves a centre so strong that instead of running hither and thither for this or that, we can stay at home and draw to us the conditions we desire.  If we firmly establish and hold on to this center, things will seem continually to come our way.”

Ralph Waldo Trine’s “In Tune With The Infinite” (Bobbs Merrill) 1897.



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