Posted by: Elizabeth Rose | May 2, 2010

De-clutter Your Dream: Shatter the Shackles of “Should’s”

Sunday morning.  My iPhone is chiming a new message.  I should check it. There’s a pile of papers on top of my desk.  I should sort it. I need a new spreadsheet.   I should do that  spreadsheet. There’s dust under my table.   I should pick it up. A depressive I know leaves me a message.. I should return it… I need to raise 25K to produce my show  as an Equity showcase in the fall….whaa???

The “should’s” are hitting me.  They’re being pitched at me like I’m a target in a batting cage.  Without a bat.  One by one, they’re smacking up against me.  Ouch!  That one hurt.  Gotta get out of this cage.  Now I feel like my body is slowly being crushed in a Should Compactor.   It’s Sunday, for Gawd’s sake.   A day of rest, renewal, respite.  Instead the “should’s” are smacking me.

Waitaminute!  I know what’s going on.  It’s that Elizabeth Rose Monster, who’s living in my head, rent free.  She’s pitching those “should’s” at me. Clever monster.  She’s invented her own Should Generator.

Every time I take an action in the direction of fulfilling my dream, she pitches another “should” at my head.  To distract me from my healthy focus.  She likes to play to my fears.

“If you don’t do what you should, you won’t have anything, you’ll never have anything and you’ll die without leaving anything of value behind you.  You should hurry up.  That’s not fast enough.  Not good enough.  You should do better.  You’ll never realize your DREAMS.”

Shut up!!!!

“Hahahaha – who do you think you are to live your dream life?  You should get a pedicure.  You’ll never have your dream. Your toenail polish is peeling.”


OK.  She’s quiet for a minute.  She doesn’t like getting this kind of exposure.  She hates cyberspace.  It’s too revealing.  She much prefers haunting the innards of my blood brain barrier.  I think she’s cowering in the pit just below the hypothalamus.

Let her cower.  I’ve got a dream.  The closer I get to it, the more she doesn’t like it.  She’d much prefer I remain in a state of unfulfilled anxiety.  That’s her nourishment.

Screw her.  I know how to get out of the cage, how to neutralize that nasty Should Generator.


De-clutter.  Get rid of the should’s.  Make it physical.

I list all the “‘should’s” on a piece of paper.   Then I burn them.  Then I say – “Today I get to feel good.”  That gives me some choice:  Take a walk.. See a movie.  Call a friend.  Find something funny and laugh.  Any more “should’s” come up, I write ’em down and light another match.  See ya.

Tomorrow is Monday.  It’ll take care of itself.  Today is Sunday.  Should-less Sunday.  The monster recedes.  The dream takes another breath.

Oh yeah  – about that 25K.   Not to worry.  I’ll leave worrying to the cowering monster.  Me – I’ll just organize some backers auditions, step back and allow 25K to flow towards my Off Broadway production….or something even better that’s beyond my imagination.

The dream trumps the monster every time.


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