Posted by: Elizabeth Rose | February 22, 2010

Does it jinx your dream to make it public?

A fair question.  Certainly in the business world, you do your research, create your plan, your marketing strategy and get non-disclosure agreements signed.  Makes sense.  Making business is making war.  Highest security measures.  The competition is your enemy.  Divert them. Fool them.  D-Day strategy:  Eisenhower deceives the Germans into believing that the Allied Forces would land in Pas-de-Calais.  Imagine their Omaha Beach Surprise.

So…isn’t it the same thing for us?  If we articulate our dream in public, don’t we take a huge risk by alerting the “competition”?  By yakking about it don’t we suck the power out of it?   And what about the humiliation…you know… if we shouldn’t reach the actual goal?  The naysayers who doubted us get to be “right”?  It’s very middle school. Ouch.

With this blog, I’m hoping  to establish a community for “dreams into action.”   As Lady Blah Blah, I have to start by clearly stating the dream I want to put into action.  I started writing, “OK, here’s what I want to accomplish:  I’d like my one woman musical comedy, “If U Want Me, U Can Have Me, Right Now!!”  to become a full Off Broadway production.   As soon as I wrote this, I began to feel uncomfortable.  My brain started to talk to itself.

“Elizabeth.  Why Off Broadway?   Why not shoot as high as possible?”

“You mean…?”

“Yeah.  ‘Broadway.'”  I paused before responding to myself.

“Well,”  I replied, “If I say ‘Broadway’, I’m putting it all out there and if the show doesn’t get there…”

“So the show may not get there, so what?  Who do you think you are?  Carrie Fisher?”

“Well, if I don’t get to full Broadway status, I’m just another big mouth with a big goal who joins a big clump of dreamers who…..”

“Yo.  Dude.  Stop.  Do you hear yourself?  You’re already hitting Off Broadway in the Fall 2010.  The Cherry Lane Theatre.  Doesn’t that count for anything?  How many people can say they have written and are performing their own show in a such a distinguished Off Broadway venue even for a limited run.  Could you have imagined that you’d be at this point 5 years ago when a big professional disappointment led you to create this show in the first place?

“I see your point.”

“And, if you hadn’t clearly articulated your desire to get into this Off Broadway theatre early in the game and pursued it, Honey, you wouldn’t be opening  there this fall.”

Ahh.  The inner dialogue pauses for a  moment of solitude.

Waitaminute!  I knew I wanted this.  I said it.  I made phone calls.  I had meetings.  I was very clear in my intention. And guess what?  I didn’t jinx my chance of getting to Off Broadway.  I’m there.  Who knew?

So -gentle readers…. hey!  We need a name for this community.   Dream Namers?  Dreams Into Action? (Thomas Dolby album name from the 1980’s)  Any ideas out there?  Brave New Dreamers?  Anybody wanna join in?  Anybody brave enough to make a comment about that one thing that you really want to achieve?  Lemme know.



  1. Love your Blog. Dreams – a great topic. Maybe the only topic. What comes to mind is this: Am I asking myself the right questions? So, what holds us back from our BIG DREAMS? Those voices your wrote about. So, we can ask ourselves, What would I do if I knew I could not fail? Can I separate problem solving (the how) from decision making (what I really want)? If we can, then we can stop the voices and give up trying to solve the HOW and let the dream emerge and simmer. love judith

    • “it is possible to achieve greatness through the power of a dream”…Olympic closing ceremonies
      (thanks for you comment Judith)

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