Posted by: Elizabeth Rose | February 20, 2010

Whatever your dream – hold it close to your heart…

“Whatever your dream…hold it close to your heart…give it life…listen to it…and it will breathe..”

This verse comes from the song that closes my one woman musical comedy, “If U Want Me, U Can Have Me, Right Now!!  I hope that all of you who join me in this space are listening to your dream and allowing it to breathe.

Our dreams are not carved in stone.  They are made of clay.  They are flexible and they evolve as we evolve.  It’s powerful to state your dream.  Clearly.  With passion.  On a public forum like this blog, it can be very challenging.  It takes a little nerve.

So…I have a little nerve.  I’m going to write about my dream, as it is today.  I’d like to encourage you to share your dream(s) with me here.   If you’re not ready to do that, then, just stay “tuned” to this blog.  My hope is that together we’ll build a community of artists, inventors, parents…a pretty diversity of folks who articulate their dream and support each other as we give them life, listen to them and let them breathe.



  1. Look for my upcoming post in which I articulate my dream.

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    Dreams as a category is all over the map, being a dreamer, so am I.
    Asking for help, If I tell you what it is will I jinx it? This is my spin,
    more about dreams than an actual one so I thought the best category
    to put this in was “Whatever your dream – hold it close to your heart”.

    Humans as a species are inherently neurotic for one reason or another
    when compared to “The Perfect Human”. Yikes! Is there such a
    creature?? That being said, our dreams (not the sleeping type) are a
    place where we can comfortably be ourselves, our own brand of
    neurosis dancing freely in a field of flowers on a sunny Spring day.
    Free from inhibiting guidelines of normal behavior or scowling
    looks of disapproval from intimidating rule censors.

    But what if, during a moment of complete delirium, we were to actually
    tell someone!? Oh, the turmoil ! The tongue tying, heart pounding fear
    of rejection process of sharing an intimate thought. Would I be totally
    humiliated by a finger pointing laughing so hard they can’t talk person
    who will tell me I’m out of my mind (which I already knew), or would
    I be encouraged to follow that dream by someone (equally neurotic)?
    Fear tells me the former but maturity tells me the latter. If I have a dream
    I’m the only one who can make it real because I own it.

    So I say in earnest; face your fear nose to nose, open and walk through
    the door of hesitation giving doubt the heave ho as you cast your sails
    with the wind of confidence and head in the direction of your dream
    through the uncharted waters of progress. You may need to purchase
    a suit of armor and see if you can find a deal on a used WWII tank to
    help the process along, but hey, who’s dream is this anyway?

    Dream On,

    Lee Demers
    Electric Ensemble

  3. Thanks so much Lee. This is absolutely great! Very inspiring and beautifully written. And why the heck not…do what you say? That’s the whole point. Give doubt the heave ho and get on with it.

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